GMI Projects Hamburg GmbH
Turnkey Project Management

Efficiency is what we strive for. Relying on the talent of our group which consists of enthusiasm of the youth and experience of our veterans, we are readier than ever to take care of turnkey projects. You can certainly count on us in relation to every aspect of your project from consultancy before the design of your project to after sales and spare parts delivery of the required equipment even after your project is over. Our strong bonds with renown manufacturers and engineering companies enable us to take the first initiative of your project by completing a feasibility study, plant design, engineering of the project as well as the management of the whole process.

Once the preliminary steps of the project are taken, we care for the supply of the equipment needed, mounting and installation of them based on the design under the supervision of the OEMs. Commissioning of the equipment, units, system and the whole plant will be done in great detail and under strict supervision so that the project is done according to the contract and at the highest quality. As the project comes to an end, specific trainings will be provided for your team so that you can take control of everything according to the experts’ advice. Needless to say, after-sales services and supply of spare parts after the project comes to an end are also an integral part of our service to you.

In addition to engineering, commissioning and supervision of the projects, we are also able to provide financial support and financing of your projects. This could be done partially for specific part of the project or fully for the whole project, the details of which are negotiable and will be part of the contract between you and us when we are finalizing the contracts.

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