GMI Projects Hamburg GmbH
Supply and Services

GMI’s Supply Management Division has been one of its strongholds over the past few years. Our supply chain not only includes the purchase of goods for the potential partners, it also provides services and solutions such as identification of needs, reverse engineering, awarding and negotiating contracts, logistics and inspection of orders. Our supply chain starts upon receiving the inquiries from end-users and continues to the mounting of the equipment in sites as well as aftersales services. The inquiries are shared, discussed with and examined by the experts of the OEMs to make sure that the required goods will match perfectly with the ones being supplied. This step is closely monitored by the experts in our engineering team as well as the technical team of the end-user so that the best solution is guaranteed while in some orders, developments and modifications are suggested to increase the efficiency of the required items.

Our scope of work includes both heavy machinery for mines and production lines as well as the spare parts of those equipment. We are glad that we have developed our expertise in a way that we are now able to support the customers with the supply of heavy equipment to the small parts needed for different machines. In this regard, the needs of the customer are identified by data review or site visit, so that a tailor-made solution will be provided based on the needs of the customer. As a result, specific offers will be provided which need to be evaluated by the customer and with our support obviously.

In addition, contracts for each purchase could be made with the required guarantees so that the customer can rest assured that the quality of the parts in the order adapts well with their need. These contracts could be negotiated for different purchases and according to specific needs of the customer, whether the supply is for heavy machinery, whole unit, giant equipment or even small orders if need be.

Moreover, we are proudly able to provide industrial services and solutions to our customers in addition to procurement of spare parts. These services include, supervision upon erection or mounting of heavy equipment, arranging the shipment of the orders as well as quantity and quality control and inspection of goods before and after the shipment. Most of these services are part of our agreement in purchases through our channels. However, we are also able to provide each of the aforementioned services for other purchases if need be. Relying on our experienced staff as well as our partners in different sectors such as inspection companies, shipping lines, forwarders and engineering companies, we can certainly claim that these services could be offered in the shortest of time with the best and fairest conditions.

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