GMI Projects Hamburg GmbH
Commodity Trade

As an active company in mining and metal sector, GMI is in relation with different manufacturers and end-users of raw materials globally. To bring these together, GMI has been involved in the trade of raw materials from different parts of the world, from Asia to Africa, and Europe. Being closely connected to the manufacturers with no third parties involved, GMI’s advantage for the potential customers has been fairer price and shorter deliveries through the safest of routes.

Our basket of raw materials has been expanding ever since we started our global trade. We can provide different range of products now such as iron ore, sponge iron, copper cathode, copper tube, coking coal and methanol. These materials could be supplied according to different specifications and customers’ needs. Since the quality is of utmost importance to us, we cater to the requirements of our customers with prudence; therefore, samples are inspected before and after shipment in order to guarantee that the customer receives the order in the best quality and in accordance with the details stated in the data sheets.
All of these activities have been stopped since 2017 due to international restrictions.

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